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I, Samantha D. Spivey, am an experienced Analytical Chemist of 15 years within the government sector of environmental forensics. Well versed in data technology, analytics, and machine learning, I’m looking to pivot my career into a strictly Data Science role, or Data Scientist^2 as I like to call to it.

Love for data analytics begun during graduate level statistics courses while working towards my Master’s of Science degree at Colorado School of Mines. The classes were required to utilize the open source softward called ‘R’ for all coursework, exams, and final projects and thus an interest in programming also evolved. Now focusing on pursuing certifications from Microsoft in both Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with an estimated completion date of November 2018 and December 2018, respectively.

Currently located in and a native of the beloved heart of the USA, Denver, Colorado. Though I love to travel the globe, Denver is home where I’m a superfan of Rugby Union 15s and 7s, an experienced dog rescuer of 5 years, and an avid cross sticher.

Status of Microsoft Certification for Data Science:

Data Science Certification
0-Courses 11-Courses

Status of Microsoft Certification for Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence Certification
0-Courses 10-Courses