My First Post! Am I doing this right?

2017, Nov 08    

Well here we go. I had been debating blogging for some time, but out of fear of poor writing chops, and a general lack of time, I have not had a chance to sit down and think about it. Recently I got talked into just going for it, so here we are. For my tech stack I choose Jekyll with the wonderful theme Flexible Jekyll to start. Hosting is handled on Firebase Hosting (of course). Bitbucket for repo and their Pipelines tool for Continuous Integration. Hopefully overtime I can make it more my own and flesh out the blog with interesting bits of Angular and Firebase integration as we go (Service Worker/PWA anyone?), but for now, here we go, plain vanilla. I plan to cover all things tech that I find interesting or worth talking about, primarily Firebase and Angular/AngularJS as these are what I use everyday in my work. Sprinkling in interesting tools and libraries as we go such as ngrx and RxJS. I am currently working on my first post that will cover Firestore by popular demand (thanks @shwarty!) Hopefully these can be of use in your internet searches so stay tuned!